Located in Glenelg, Viyan Restaurant is a home of authentic Persian cuisine from the esteemed (add name of the chef)

Photos by Nicole Franzen


Owner, Zahra aasadi

Viyan restaurant is more than just an eatery…

it will presented to the market as a vibrant, friendly, high quality restaurant and will be presented as a fine -dining restaurant by night. Patrons will experience the taste of authentic persian cuisine and feel the warmth of the culture’s traditional hospitality.

viyan restaurant will operate with the key philosophy which is all about the food. We will be drawing from the knowledge of expertly of our blended ingredients in persian dishes to provide a unique dining experience for any taste.

”Our goal is to make extra effort to produce consistently excellent food, to build a wide and reliable customer base and become a well respected high standard for the provision of persian food to our customers.”

at viyan restaurant:

1. Quality comes first
2. we always strive to improve
3. we have great ethics
4. we will be authentically persian



(08) 8376 1762



9 Nile Street
Adelaide , SA 5045



Tuesday- Saturday